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The #autumn is here… #Warsaw #warszawa #polska #poland #trees #Krolikarnia #park

Todays life #painting in #watercolors class. In #Warsaw #Wilanow #Warszawa #sztuka #akwarela #art #malarstwo . Not perfect, but the workshop is always a battle between the know&learn

(via Warsaw City - Capital of Poland from

Calendars with 14 high quality photos from Warsaw City / Poland. Warszawa / Polska

"Warsaw in Watercolor - Wilanow Park painting" Framed Prints by Plrang GFX | Redbubble

Neoclassical architecture in watercolor

Drawing Walk 1 - quick sketching and watercolor painting

Sketching in Wilanow

"… As I said earlier, I wanted to refresh my skills in drawing and painting, so I just took the first course. It will last 12 x 3 hours and first 3 already passed. For a start we had to bring our self-portraits drawn using pencil. And next we was told to choose a subject, frame it and draw. Pretty deep waters. …"

Catching up with Project 365 - almost up to date 


At the Vistula River again, it’s getting clearer each year… it’s about 15 km far from home and biking requires little effort but the mind gets relaxed…

Living history event in Warsaw / Smolensk the 400th anniversary